¨As a travel visual journalist, I loved staying here. It changed my Mexico trip. I fell for the boy next door, made besties with the owner, adopted a dog and because of all the honey shampoos, when I came home my hairdressers told me my hair got healthier!

I was traveling for a few months as well so it was nice to have my own kitchen and blender. Everything about this place was perfect for me! Plus it’s only a two minute walk from the beach! I like this area much more than others because it’s a bit more quiet. The 5th can be exhausting at times so it’s nice to have the mix.

This gem of a place is perfect. When I first showed up I wasn’t sure before walking through the doors. Once I came to my room, I fell in love and then when I went to the rooftop, I knew it was perfect for me.

I’d definitely recommend this spot to people traveling! I rate this place 5 stars… Thanks Ocean Zen for adopting me! See you soon!

Journey11597472235 - Canada